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2010-05-01 19:37:20 by KeepingOnPoint

We have run dry on a river of beats. Fresh material is needed for our continued success. Nobody but newgrounds can fulfill such a mission and I entrust the community to help us with the task. We hope to release more music soon SO STICK IN THERE!


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2010-05-01 19:44:48

Gangsters? On my Newgrounds?


2010-05-13 03:14:29



2010-06-08 18:34:53

Can't wait for your mix tape. You are the only hip-hop/rap I listen to and I love your music. You've got something most musicians these days lack.


2010-06-09 22:11:15

it was great


2010-06-17 18:28:54

nice work man, submissions are really professional.


2010-06-20 02:54:56

yo i keep seeing all these comments sayin how good you are and that you need a contract an i agree. your good and i cant help get you a contract but theres a place where you might be noticed. every good artist started with a little attention and maybe you can get it here: im not bein a dick and trying to promote the site but artists that wanna chance upload and get the attention they deserve. im from MA too (west side) an i hear you an your too good to not be known. MA is shit and your ment for better. anyway good luck and i hope you take my advice and i see you makin millions that for once would be going to someone who can actually rhyme and doesnt just depend on auto-tune.


2010-06-20 16:11:17

Keep up the great work man you are probably the #1 top tier hip hop artist in the Newgrounds Audio Portal and you seem so professional about it too,keep the tracks comin. =D


2011-06-15 23:05:33

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